Free event photography!: leveraging your guests to create the ultimate event scrapbook

Are you considering hiring an event photographer for your next big event? Are you also aware that that’s kind of antiquated? No?! Well read on then!

By no means do we aim to advocate in this post for putting more photographers on the street—indeed the last thing the world needs is more street photographers! Here we present both an alternative and glorious supplement to the event photographer, a major upgrade that can render every single attendee at your event a photographer.

Let me point you to an illustrative example. A few weeks ago Peatix had an office warming party. The party, far from bar-mitzvah or wedding territory, had no need for a designated event photographer. Yet it was still a pretty big deal for us; we wanted some detailed memories of the party, signalling, as it did, the first stages of Peatix’s emergence as a worldwide ticketing superpower, as it were.

So we did what everyone does when they need to solve a problem. We busted out our phones. And went right into the Peatix app:

Peatix app

Those orange buttons in the middle there allowed us to either take pictures or post comments during the course of the party, the photos and comments appearing on our event page in real time:

Real time event photo stream

I was too engrossed in partying to take a very necessary picture of the homemade rice balls? No problem, Helena’s on it:

Home Onigiri

Someone drew something on the wall that I completely missed? Fumiaki got that:

Thx for beer pea

To sum up, anyone can have easy access to a page of an automatically, instantly created timeline of your event, composed by your own attendees and representing far more memories and points of view than could ever be captured by one person, or by pleading with guests to send you their photos.

Office Warming Event timeline

Photographers singular are out, photographers plural are in. A. Maz. Ing.