Dispatch from the GiantDesk: The Orion Experience performs at Peatix!

Last week we kicked off our GiantDesk concert series, which is basically just like the NPR Tiny Desk thing except the band plays around a table that would either crush NPR’s or pull it into it’s orbit, depending on the giant desk’s mood.


Speaking of orbits, we had the pleasure to bear aural witness to some in-the-flesh music of the spheres courtesy of the inimitably legitimate The Orion Experience. A band headed by Orion Simpriani and Linda Horwatt, a pair thoroughly at ease with each other in performance owing to their many years writing together, their songs are brimming with love and euphoria and giddiness and occasionally some longing. But like a healthy sort of longing.

During my interview, which was broadcast on Google Hangout as well as reality, I was able to extract some fascinating trivia about the band, like the fact that Orion kind of likes Katy Perry’s “Roar,” the band is absolutely resolved to play in the UK at some point and that Linda has a seal hat that’s sewn together with seal tendons which people routinely offer to buy off of her, including myself. (Turns out the hat is Eskimo-made and kinda priceless).

The Orion Experience

It has been observed that Orion’s songs, on a scale of 1 to Catchy, are an 11. Which doesn’t make any sense, but illustrates how the songs are chart-transcending in quantitative and qualitative terms. Both Google Hangout and real life hangout went wild at the first chords of “Obsessed with You,” though the real Cronut-type treat was Nippon Ga Dai Suki or “Japan We Love You!,” a rarely performed gem that, together with the strawberry Kit Kats provided, transported listeners to the magical far off land honored in the song.

We have a mini fridge’s worth of beer left over from the event, so there is assuredly another GiantDesk event in our future. Follow us on Twitter to stay privy to what’s happening GiantDesk-wise, and let us know what band, if any, you’d like to see interviewed next.