Subscription Feature: Gain more commitment to your group and events with customizable paid plans

You have been running events to bring your communities together, but now you can explore more creative ways to deliver greater value to members of your Group through the Peatix Subscription feature.


Deliver greater value to your most engaged members through Peatix Subscription


Rather than selling tickets through individual events, you may sell monthly, yearly or seasonal subscriptions through Peatix that gives your members access to exclusive series of events. Not only does this give you more predictability in resource planning in the continual engagement of your community – it also gives your most active users a way to derive more value by enrolling in a long term plan.


Here’s a brief of what you can do with the Peatix Subscription feature:


  1. You can collect information that you require the members to complete through the fully customisable form:

Anonymous no more: Get customer details from your subscribers

  1. Customize the subscription plans that makes sense for your group: create different tiers of memberships with different privileges, and set the frequency of the subscription to monthly or yearly

Create subscription plans tailored for your communities

  1. The subscription plans are seamlessly integrated to your community platform via the Peatix Group, so that your followers may choose a plan that works for them:

Your subscription plans will appear on your Peatix Group seamlessly

Whether you are bringing people together in fan clubs, non-profit organizations or alumni groups, the Peatix Subscription feature will facilitate greater relationship management with your communities by directly measuring active subscribers in your Groups. You can both derive and deliver greater value by removing the need to make onerous repeat payments: the system will capture the credit card information and automatically charges the card at the stated frequency until the subscription is cancelled by the subscriber.


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Yeap Mei Yi

Mei Yi loves the discovery of places, experiences and technology. Her mission in Peatix is to raise the profile of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. She leads a multi-talented team to grow the vibrant Peatix communities in APAC. In her free time, Mei Yi makes Aeropress coffee and buries her head in academic history books to turn them into Youtube videos.