ColorSync: A fast and secure mobile check-in solution for events

Discover a fast, secure, and fun way to check attendees in to your event with ColorSync! No need for cumbersome paper tickets or scanning QR codes.

ColorSync is intuitive and simple to use so organizers and venue operators do not need prior training to check attendees in. This check-in solution is now in public beta, and can be used for any event hosted on Peatix.


How it works

ColorSync is a visual ticket that flashes a color sequence, accessed via the new Peatix app or on a mobile browser. An organizer can quickly validate a ticket by visually verifying the same flashing color sequence on their mobile check-in screen. If the two are flashing their colors in sync, the ticket is valid and the attendee will automatically be reflected as checked-in on Peatix.

ColorSync: Valid versus Invalid ticket

Like TechCrunch Tokyo, ColorSync your next event!

Find out more about ColorSync, or write in to us your questions or suggestions.