Classical Musicians Really, Truly Love Selling Tickets Through Peatix

Peatix and classical music
Above: A dog and an elephant reenact Peatix’s unexpected new relationship

It was the most unlikely of romances: a young software company from Japan, transplanted in New York, naive and wide-eyed and terrified; and a European tradition, hundreds of years old, stoic and assured, long set in its ways and seemingly way past the point when anyone expected much of a stirring in its institutional loins.

But what happened between the two would even make those great unexpected couples of old—Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Newt Gingrich and anyone—insanely jealous.

Indeed, over the past year Peatix and classical music have developed a special bond that has made each better than they would be by themselves. Peatix has enabled and enhanced the ticketing of events across the classical spectrum: choral music to opera, wind ensembles to orchestras, chambers to halls.

Today we’ll take a look at several of the ensembles whose lives have been touched by Peatix, and how Peatix has adapted itself to serve the classical music community.

“We set an attendance record…WOO HOO!”

Wind Ensemble ticketing
The Manhattan Wind Ensemble boldly switched ticketing systems for their 2013-14 season, and haven’t looked back. Haven’t even snuck a glance. For their spring concert the ensemble, owing to a combination of aggressive advance sales, 0 ticket fees for concert-goers and a pretty spectacular program, set an attendance record which catapulted them into the top echelon of New York community music ensembles.

“Peatix worked out really well and helped us build information on our audience. Looking forward to using it in future!”

Choir event page
The eVoco Voice Collective used Peatix to collect information from their patrons during the checkout process. Deploying Peatix’s acclaimed custom forms, the group now has solid and actionable insights that allow for a closer rapport with their audience throughout the season.

“It was great using Peatix and a pleasure working with you. You sure made things easy for us.”

Youth orchestra online ticketing
The first youth orchestra ever to grace Forsyth County, GA, the Forsyth Youth Orchestra worked closely with Peatix’s customer support team to get an event page and tickets up and running. Then on May 5th, 2014, the FYO sold their first ticket online. They are thinking of commemorating the occasion with a plaque.

“Peatix truly helped with bringing people in.”

Choir advance ticket sales
The Ghostlight Chorus, one of New York City’s finest choirs, was still selling tickets at the door when they met Peatix. It was both love at first sight and a fully functional long-term relationship; Ghostlight was able to boost its ticket sales by offering discounted online-only tickets, and actual concert attendance also increased because ticket-holders were less likely to back out at the last minute.

The evidence keeps piling up, and it all points to classical musicians really, really, truly enjoying the ticketing experience Peatix provides. The relationship between the two seems destined for the storybooks, but if anyone still needs convincing, there’s this:

We are continually listening to the organizers we work with, and to further help out ensembles like the ones profiled here, we’ve released Contributions, allowing patrons to easily donate even if they can’t attend the concert; and Mobile Event Creation, which enables, say, a tuba player to set up ticketing for his orchestra’s concert during his or her 380 measures of rest.

And if you still aren’t convinced, here’s a picture of Rachmaninoff and Pea-chan composing together at the piano:

Rachmaninoff composition lesson