Canadian Ticketing Enters a New Era

It is a momentous day for the northern hemisphere, cold people, hockey games and shuffleboard tournaments. And especially anyone north of the US border who has ever been traumatized by ticket fees.

That’s right—PEATIX IS NOW IN CANADA BABY. We just planted a big old pea-shaped flag square in the middle of southeastern Ontario, where TEDxYorkU will make history on March 4th as the first Canadian Peatix event:

TEDxYorkU on Peatix

What does a Peatix presence in Canada mean for the Canadian event-going population? Canadians now have full use of the features that have earned Peatix a Nobel Prize in ticketing (figuratively speaking), an Academy Award in customer service (again figurative), a Good Design Award (that actually happened) and an NCAA basketball championship for our mobile app (in division II). These features include:

-Fancy event pages!
-The lowest extant ticket fees!
-Mind-exploding check-in technology!
-An intensely knowledgeable and responsive team!

So dear Canadian brethren, this is our formal invitation for you to try organizing an event on Peatix; if you aren’t satisfied, we will give you Vermont. No questions asked. Vermont will be yours to farm, mine, dump your waste in—whatever. But today this blog submits that once you try us, Vermont and all it’s riches will be but a grain of sand on the vast private beach that is selling tickets through Peatix.

Maple Peaf