How Peatix helps with TEDx registration

Build a community around your TEDx

At the heart of every TEDx is a community passionate about ideas worth spreading. Peatix’s fee-free tools and event support specialists help you build that community around your TEDx event.

The Peatix-TEDx partnership

  • Trusted service. Peatix is approved by TEDx to be listed on the TEDx marketplace. We’ve worked with over 100 TEDx events around the world, including events at the University of Michigan, Kyoto, CambridgeTufts UniversityKuala Lumpur, and the University of Washington.

  • Cost. Peatix is completely free to use for free events, and only charges a payment processing fee for paid events. There are no service fees or sign-up fees of any kind for either you or your attendees. Enjoy the lowest fees you’ll ever find.

  • Support. A personal Peatix representative will be on hand to assist you every step of the way.

Key Features

  • Custom Forms! Collect all manner of important information from attendees (i.e. email addresses, lunch orders, ect.), then export to your preferred spreadsheet program. 
  • Multiple ticket types! Sponsors, volunteers, students, faculty, seniors, or people in no special category whatsoever. They can all have their own tickets! 
  • Attendee Communication! Keep registrants apprised of event developments. Filter for specific subsets of attendees if needed.
  • Fast, simple check-in technology! You can, of course, simply scan tickets with your phone. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, switch on Colorsync, our patented, uber-fast check-in system. 

Getting paid

  • Credit cards, debit cards, Paypal accepted
  • Ticket funds deposited within 5 business days after your event
  • Advance payout options available! Contact us at for more details.

Testimonials from TEDx events supported by Peatix:

“Peatix was easy to use and the customer service is incredible! They were a big part of the great success of TEDxLawrence. We owe a big thanks to Peatix!”

-Beth Pine, TEDxLawrence Registration Curator

“Peatix made event ticketing and promotion easy for us, and actual-day registration went smoothly for the participants. Nearly 800 people came together to make our 2013 main event a success – and the people on the Peatix team really became members of our team to make that possible.”

-Jay Klaphake, TEDxKyoto Curator

“TEDxHonolulu was able to use the Peatix system for the first time this year and the interface was incredibly easy to learn and use! The Peatix staff was incredibly supportive, quick to respond to any questions, and we were able to work with the same person throughout the entire process which made the planning process MUCH less stressful! We loved working with Peatix!”

-Tara Buckley, TEDxHonolulu organizer

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Image credit: TEDxManhattan