Announcing the winner of the prestigious Peatix Amazon Gift Card Award from NY TechDay 2014!

After a rigorous, extremely complex 11-day randomization process (the cards in the bowl had to be really well mixed up), we can now announce the first ever winner of the coveted Peatix Amazon Gift Card Award, which is given to the person with the best luck who stopped by our table at NY TechDay.

NY TechDay business card contest

There were a lot of business cards belonging to a lot of people with pretty good luck, but there was one person who proved to have the greatest, most refined and most impressive luck of them all. And that person is…

Dani of Stand Up NY!

Congratulations Dani! But don’t let the sudden deluge of gift card change you too much. Follow Dani on Twitter to find out if he changes too much.

I wonder what he’ll buy with his newfound riches? Maybe this book on how to avoid huge ships? Or maybe this sweet hot plate? Naw, I bet he’s a classy chap. He’d probably use the card to purchase one three-hundredth of this flower picture:

Amazon $15000 flower picture

But thanks to everyone who stopped by our table to talk to us. Start practicing better luck for next year!