6 catering trends in 2017 – Canape selection on point

Move over mini quiches, chocolate eclairs, and tuna sandwiches! These food selections have been overdone, and we are tired of seeing them being served at events. The importance of food at events cannot be underplayed; they serve to break the ice, offers the hosts an opportunity to delight their guests, and is one of the aspects of your event that will leave the guests either raving happily or madly! 

We analyze the food scenes around the region and have identified 6 trends that will be picking up in 2017. Be among the first to showcase these at your events to stand out from the crowd.

Add a new dimension


Photo credit: www.chloerutzerveld.com


You’ve heard of 3D printing, but have you tried 3D printed food? This goes perfectly with any modern, forward thinking event; your attendees will have something to talk about, think about, and snap away at.

The era of crostinis


peatix-blog-foodCrostini bars are popping up all over town. They are gaining popularity because they can be so versatile. Their flavors work with both savory and sweet toppings. At the recent Backstage Pass that Peatix conducted in Penang, we served a variety of crostini for our guests.


There is a certain ‘kawaii‘ factor to serving mini-me versions of a main course. From mini-beef wellingtons, sliders, lasagna cups, the choices are limitless. These are also more filling so you can order less to satisfy the needs of your attendees. 


Meat with sauces on sticks are a match made in heaven. Of course, the meat can be substituted for vegetarian options. Mushrooms make a good alternative. The trend is towards Asian fusion flavors. Think meat or mushrooms with a glaze that has an Asian punch to it. 

Go Healthy 


Eating clean is fast becoming a priority for many people. Think of how you can serve healthier versions of popular food. 

Serve it in a utensil peatix-blog-food

Sometimes, all it takes to elevate a comfort food is to serve it differently. Discuss with your caterer if they are able to incorporate serving the food in unconventional ways. Think of serving noodles in mini-takeaway boxes, meat skewered onto forks, etc.   


Even better yet – serve it with a twist. Such as in pipettes, or on a stone or salt block.


2016 is the time to get adventurous with your food menu. Play around with flavors and serving styles. Share with us in the comments, some of your favorites! 

This post has been updated to include trends in 2017.