4 groups you should interact with on social media to increase your event’s reach

In this digital day and age, most, if not all organisers, manage at least one social media platform, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or others, to spread the word about our events.

The very nature of social media demands that our posts or tweets generate a social interaction (i.e. likes, shares, comments, retweets). If not, it’ll quickly fall off the radar. Engage with these four groups to get news of your event out to more on social media beyond your current social media following.

Social Media Whisper

1. Involve your current social media followers with relevant articles, pictures, contests and any media that would inspire them to share or engage in conversation with you! In real life, you’ll be more inclined to continue in conversation with someone if you’re interested in what they have to say. The same goes with social media content, treat every post or tweet as an opportunity to create a two-way interaction.

2. Showcase and engage with your event partners and sponsors. Reward them with due recognition for their involvement in your event with social media shout-outs. Tag your partners or sponsors too because more likely than not, they’ll return the shout-out, or in social media terms, share or re-tweet.

3. If you have speakers, invite them to display thought leadership through writing a guest blog on a topic relevant to your upcoming event. This provides your potential attendees a snippet of what they would get through attending your event, and is material that followers can easily share online hence also promoting your event to others in their social circles.

4. Think about the influencers to your target audience and find out if they’re active on the platforms you’ve chosen to promote your event on. Engage directly with their social media accounts – introduce your event and demonstrate how it’ll be useful to both them and their followers, invite them to come for free, ask if they could help share your event along with a discount code. Engaging with influencers can mean an amplified reach for you to your target audience.


The saying goes that birds of a feather flock together – by engaging with these four groups of people, you increase your chances of having your event appear on the social media feeds of others not within your current following, but more likely than not, within your event’s target audience.

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Claire Ding

Claire Ding is the Community Manager at ticketing platform Peatix in Singapore. She runs a community event for organisers, Backstage Pass , where organisers connect with others and learn tips on event management. Quite the thrill-seeker, Claire’s gone skydiving, bungee jumping, and enjoys anything that puts her on edge (quite literally), it’s no wonder she’s in the business of events with never a dull moment!