4 creative, low-cost ways to engage your attendees after an event

Your role as a host does not end with the wrap of the event. In fact, now is the perfect opportunity to reach out to your attendees and establish a connection with them. We take a look at 4 creative, low-cost ways you can use to continue engaging with your attendees after your event. 

Send a Thank you letter with a survey

You can use tools like Mailchimp to help you send a thank you letter or use Peatix’s inbuilt communication system for this. When you reach out to them, convey your appreciation for them taking their time to spend at your event, share with them a summary of the event, and what to look out for next. This is a good time to collect feedback on your event; let them know that this will help you improve future events so that they can have a better experience. This will make them more receptive towards answering your survey. 

Hold a ‘Morning After’ or #latergram photo contest

Keep your event live on the digital sphere a little longer. Hold a contest where they are able to share their experience at your event, and tag it with your event hashtag. This way, they will continue to engage with your brand, and your event remains visible on platforms. You can award the winners of the contest with prizes of your choice. 

Create material from the event to start conversations after

Take down notable insights and quotes from your speakers throughout the event. Create quote images that you can continue to share on your social media channels. Quotes are highly re-shared and liked on social media. 

Share more insights with them after the event

Not all questions asked by the attendees during panel sessions can be addressed by the speakers. Note them down. After the event is over, you can look over the topics and come up with a content plan to address these issues. You are able to address the questions that the attendees had during the event, and find new audience who are interested in the topics your event solves,thereby becoming potential attendees to your next event. 

Finding ways to engage with your attendees should be considered right from the start when you begin to plan your event. This way you can prepare for the logistics required to execute it.Share with us your methods of engaging with your attendees after the event in the comments section below. 

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Shilpa S Nath is addicted to event planning. She has been organizing events for the past 10 years from dance concerts to community events attended by 300 people, high tea seminars for C-level executives, and Southeast Asia’s largest tech conference for startups attended by 3,000 participants from over 30 countries.