3 ways you can use videos to promote your event brand

Without a doubt, video has claimed the top spot as King of content in 2016! In fact it is estimated that by 2018, 70% of the total internet traffic will be video. While it has become easier to create and distribute videos, it has also become harder to grab the attention of your audience.

5% of viewers drop out of a video after 1 minute, and 60% drop off after 2 minutes. How do you ensure that you (1)  can command the attention of your target audience and (2) get them to watch your video to completion?

You need to know “who” you are talking to and “where” they will be.

If you know the persona of your audience, you can curate the type of content and the channel you will be using to reach out to them. For example if your target audience are millennials, they are most likely to be reached on Snapchat and the type of content you post on it will be dependent on your objective for reaching out to them.

How can you use videos to increase your brand recognition and this in turn increase ticket sales to your events?

  1. Video on your website 

    Echelon highlight reel so potential attendees can see what happens at the conference 

    Website visitors spend 6 times longer on pages with videos and are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it! Embed a video that showcases your past events in your website so that prospective attendees can know what to expect at your event and will be enticed to buy the tickets. 
  2. Use it as testimonial 

    Societal influence is key if you want more attendees; people are more likely to try something new if others, especially people they know, are endorsing it. Create testimonial videos with attendees of your events that highlights how much fun or life changing your event was for them. Share this video on social media and request those interviewed to re-share it onto their channels to reach more of your target audience. 
  3. Offer behind the scenes to your event

    Everlane uses Snapchat to bring their audience BTS information 

    Your videos could be a way for the audience to get an inside perspective of what goes in your events. Bring them into an exclusive world of behind the scenes that happens at events that as attendees they will have no access to! You can use channels like Facebook Live, Snapchat, Instagram stories, and Periscope to showcase the setup process, interview with speakers or performers, or even the view of performance from behind the stage. It’s up to you to decide based on the needs and desires of your viewers. 

What you need to do is to craft stories around your event. Showcase your brand personality so that your videos are unique to you. Ultimately, you want the videos you create to receive as many views and shares as possible to get the word out about your event. 

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Shilpa S Nath is addicted to event planning. She has been organizing events for the past 10 years from dance concerts to community events attended by 300 people, high tea seminars for C-level executives, and Southeast Asia’s largest tech conference for startups attended by 3,000 participants from over 30 countries.