10 must-read social media blog posts to up your game in event marketing

Managing social media for your event can be a daunting yet intriguing task as you figure out what would work best to attract, engage, and convert your target audience to become ticket buyers.

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That said, many a social media marketer has gone before us to experiment with the vast landscape that is social media from tampering with different platforms, post types, hashtags, ads, and most recently, live video. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we can get a slew of readily available and valuable tips, insight, and best practices from articles around the web that comes with experience in dabbling with social media as a marketing channel.
We’ve curated 10 must-read blog posts on marketing your event using social media, to not only start but to do it well with the strategic end goal of selling out your event.
Jumping onto the social media bandwagon for your event takes discernment in using the platform that’ll be best suited for marketing to your target audience. Jenn, an expert in Instagram marketing, poses three questions you should consider before starting out on any channel.
Get the best ROI out of your social media marketing before, during and after events. The article sets you thinking about troubleshooting the potential pitfalls of social media and how you can use live video effectively to still deliver ROI at events.
These 47 social media ideas, formulas and shortcuts were written with businesses in mind, but we absolutely see how they too can apply to kickstarting your event’s social media presence. On top of which, you can download the “Top 100 conversation starters” ebook for free to increase engagement on your channels.
Need we say more, go get it.
Make your life easier with the use of these seven apps to manage your posts and engagement on social media.
Have all your visual needs resolved with 20 sites you can get free stock photos from, including a free cheat sheet on the best image sizes for every social media platform.
An interesting proposition on how you can use quizzes (e.g. What kind of concert-goer are you?) to drive more ticket sales for your event! Swap it up for party animal, designer, maker, and what have you, depending on the makeup of your community. Be sure to look out for the pop-up to get access to the video to learn the “10 mistakes people make on Facebook pages” too.
Great starting point for brainstorming posts to keep your social channels fresh and engaging. We particularly like the idea to get your following to caption a photo, it injects a fun element in interaction with your followers and using a photo captured at your event also showcases its vibe and what people are missing out on.
Thought provoking questions you should consider when planning your social media calendar to get the most out of your event promotional efforts to lead to ticket sales.
The gold standard for managing social media – to get your posts shared for a wider reach to your follower’s following! You’ll want to get the five key ingredients right now on the blog.
This list of 10 gives you a good leg-up to kickstarting and running your social media channels, through to providing great content your followers will interact with and want more of, with the ultimate goal of increased awareness of and ticket sales for your event.
Read this list today, and if you know of other articles that have blown your mind away in event marketing using social media, do leave them in the comments below!


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